Steve Ross

Steve Ross

Industry Specialization

Advanced Ceramics
Thermal Ceramics
Technical Ceramics
Structural Ceramics
Ceramic Manufacturing
Electronics Manufacturing

  Typical positions we recruit for are Ceramic Engineer, Process Engineer, Ceramic Scientist, Refractories Engineer, Refractory Sales, Refractories Research, Glass Scientist, Plant Manager, Production Manager, Ceramics Sales Engineer and Manufacturing Manager.

Typical Skills

We Seek: Sintering, brazing, slip-casting, powder milling, tape casting, slurry formation, mold design, isopressing, pressing, extrusion, investment casting, nitriding and anodizing, product development, ceramics technology, drying and firing ceramics, P&L management, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, industrial sales, plant management experience

Desired Experience

In ceramic manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, component manufacturing, refractory manufacturing, glass manufacturing, glass production, Ceramic tile production, packaging and distribution; experience working with ceramic armor, ceramic refractories, incinerators, kilns, furnaces, crucibles, monolithic refractories, high heat treating, cement, foundries, refineries, steel, aluminum, alumina, silicon, silicates, zirconia, yttria, polymers, graphite, carbon, petrochemicals, nanoparticles, fiber optics and chemicals.

Ceramics Jobs

Focused mainly on manufacturers of industrial and technical ceramics who provide components and/or materials capable of high heat and/or high wear tolerances in such industries as automotive, computers, semiconductors, telecom, wireless, aerospace, defense manufacturing, steel, foundry, petrochem, oil and gas, sanitaryware, dinnerware as well as ceramic art.

Possess many years experience successfully recruiting and placing top candidates in the positions of Research, Research and Development, Ceramic Sales, Ceramic Research and Development, Senior Scientist, Marketing, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Account Manager, Refractory Sales Engineer, Development Engineer, Quality Control Engineer as well as VP and President

For over 20 years I have assisted companies and candidates to find their long-term match. I work with a wide variety of hydraulic companies: hydraulic component manufacturers and distributors of fluid power from the small local distributor to large regional firms. I have long-term relationships with the Fortune 1000 corporations and those looking to become a Fortune 500.


To make the hiring process enjoyable for both the client and myself. To deliver candidates who can make a very positive impact on my client by filling their needs and solving their problems. In doing so, develop a client network that will think of me as their preferred recruiter of choice through their greatly appreciated repeat business. Additionally, it is my continuing personal goal to gain as much industry product knowledge as I can to find candidates who otherwise would be inaccessible.


United States, Asia, Canada and Mexico-as well as manufacturers in Europe desiring to extend their markets into North America, and North American manufacturers desiring to extend their market into other nations

President / Managing Partner
Phone: (503)287-8701 (x1107)
Fax: 503-282-4380

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