Relocation Tools

Salary Calculater

A free basic report shows national average salaries adjusted by location

Benefits Wizard

Calculate what your employer spends on your total compensation package (base plus bonuses plus benefits) with this personalized tool. View industry averages and enter your benefits information for a custom report.

Cost-of-Living Wizard

Considering a new city?'s cost-of-living calculator will compare living-cost indexes and salary differentials to help you make an informed comparison. Learn how your disposable income will be affected by a relocation between any combination of 300-plus U.S. cities. The Cost-of-Living Wizard also reports the salary adjustment needed to maintain your standard of living, and what salary increase or decrease is likely given local market factors. 

Job Assessor

Our free Job Assessor helps you whenever you want to evaluate your job satisfaction either at a current job or with a potential new opportunity. It begins with an assessment of your career priorities, then helps you rate your predicted job satisfaction at a specific position.