Our Process

In cooperation with the client, we begin by conducting preparatory consultations with the hiring team. Together with the client's hiring team, we develop Position/Candidate Profile, which provides an in-depth understanding of requisite experience, qualifications, and personal characteristics of a qualified candidate.

We then assign a dedicated executive search team to the project providing continuity until completion. The executive search team starts with research gathering data on specific companies and prospective candidates. After the search team develops a list of prospective candidates, we confidentially contact and conduct interviews with the prospective candidates; benchmarking candidate attributes and capabilities to the required competencies.

Following prospective candidate interviews, we select a short-list of candidates and prepare a comprehensive written Candidate Assessment for each short-listed candidate. After the client has reviewed the Candidate Assessments we arrange interviews with the candidates.

When a candidate finalist has been selected, we advise the client regarding the development and structure of the offer package. We then extend the offer on behalf of the client and obtain the candidate's acceptance. Finally, we assist the candidate in the smooth transition to our client ensuring the candidate joins their new organization with a positive enthusiastic attitude.