Rick Best 

Rick Best
Industry Specialization

Audio Visual

Most active Job Titles

Audio Visual-Account Executives
Audio Visual-Design Engineers
Audio Visual-Project Managers
Audio Visual-Field Engineers
Audio Visual- Programmers(Crestron, AMX, and others)
Director of Technology
AV-Operations Managers
AV-Engineering Managers
AV-Sales Managers
AV-Technical Directors
Audio Engineers
Audio Visual-Lead Technicians
Audio Visual-Installation  Technicians


Rick has 30 years of experience in recruiting technical candidates. He has specialized for the last 9 years in Audio Visual and actively maintains his knowledge of the Audio Visual industry by immersing himself in AV industry magazines and events. Rick is a true professional; he understands the industry and the issues it faces. Over the last 9 years Rick has devopled thousands of connections in the I am a professional, I understand the industry and the issues they face, I am very well connected and have an excellent reputation as a recruiter. I am honest, straightforward, and protect a candidate’s or client’s confidentiality. Industry. He has a reputation as an exceptional recruiter. Rick is a honest and straightforward recruiter who values protecting his candidate’s and client’s confidentiality.

Why should you work with Rick?

Christopher Moore
Owner of  SAVEMOORE Energy

"I have known Rick Best for several years and found him to be personable, professional, genuinely interested in others and their successes and an extremely valuable resource. I can't recommend him highly enough and rest assured that he could and would be an extremely valuable asset to you too."

Daniel AbramsClick
Global Manager AV Engineering Deployments at Google

"Rick has a thorough understanding of the type of candidates that we are interested in and does excellent leg work to provide us with well qualified individuals. He has a good pulse of the industry as a whole and serves as a valuable resource not only for employees but information as well. My experiences with Rick have been positive and I would definitely recommend his service to others."

Dirk Quartemont
Principal Owner at A Cornerstone Company LLC

"In my some 5 years of working in the Audio Visual industry here in the United States, I have not met a recruiter who is better specialized and knowledgeable in a specific industry. Rick is a very cordial and professional player who is always there to help. He uses his unique base of high-end relationships and places professionals in the AV industry with a style and technique only found in top level companies. Rick lives and works by the rules of out give the giver and he is a pleasure to work with. If you are ever looking for the right resource for Audio Visual recruitment it will be Rick Best without a doubt. God bless you Rick and keep up the great job!"

Audio Visual Recruiter
Fax: 503-282-4380
Email: Rbest @mrportland.com

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