Meet The Audio/Visual Team
Rick Best, Certified Senior Account Manager
Cathy Steinberg, 
Nationally Certified Executive​Recruiter-AV/IT and Acoustics


Phone: (503)287-8701 (1133)
Fax: 503-282-4380

I'm a Recruiting Partner/Consultant for the Audio Visual/Video (AV-IT-UC) and Acoustic disciplines in the System Integration, Consulting, and Staging firms. I specialize finding, recruiting, and placing the top Audio Visual/Video/IT/UC/Acoustics in the disciplines of Design Engineers, Project Managers, Programmers, Technicians, Consultants, and Leaders.  
My Specialities:

*AV-IT-UC Design Engineers, Project Engineers, /System Engineers, Field Engineers, Integration Leaders
*AV-IT-UC Project Managers, Project Leads, Program Managers
*AV-IT-UC Account Executives, Sales Managers, Regional Managers
*AV-IT-UC Programmers
*AV-IT-UC Lead Technicians, Technical Coordinators
*AV-IT-UC Consultants, Associates, Principles
*Acoustic Consultants, Associates, Principles
*Acoustic Directors

I have an innovative, collaborative, and respectful approach to the AV-IT and Acoustical partnerships that I've formed and in my relationships in life.

Rick has 30 years of experience in recruiting technical candidates. He has specialized for the last 9 years in Audio Visual and actively maintains his knowledge of the Audio Visual industry by immersing himself in AV industry magazines and events. Rick is a true professional; he understands the industry and the issues it faces. Over the last 9 years Rick has developed thousands of connections in the A/V industry. He has a reputation as an exceptional recruiter. 

"I understand the industry and the issues they face, I am very well connected and have an excellent reputation as a recruiter. I am honest, straightforward, and protect a candidate’s or client’s confidentiality. "