Meet The Audio/Visual Team
Rick Best, Certified Senior Account Manager
Cathy Steinberg, 
Nationally Certified Executive​Recruiter-AV/IT and Acoustics


Phone: (503)287-8701 (1133)
Fax: 503-282-4380
Rick has 30 years of experience in recruiting technical candidates. He has specialized for the last 9 years in Audio Visual and actively maintains his knowledge of the Audio Visual industry by immersing himself in AV industry magazines and events. Rick is a true professional; he understands the industry and the issues it faces. Over the last 9 years Rick has developed thousands of connections in the A/V industry. He has a reputation as an exceptional recruiter. 

"I understand the industry and the issues they face, I am very well connected and have an excellent reputation as a recruiter. I am honest, straightforward, and protect a candidate’s or client’s confidentiality. "

I'm a Recruiting Partner/Consultant for the Audio Visual/Video (AV-IT-UC) and Acoustic disciplines in the System Integration, Consulting, and Staging firms. I specialize finding, recruiting, and placing the top Audio Visual/Video/IT/UC/Acoustics in the disciplines of Design Engineers, Project Managers, Programmers, Technicians, Consultants, and Leaders.  
My Specialities:

*AV-IT-UC Design Engineers, Project Engineers, /System Engineers, Field Engineers, Integration Leaders
*AV-IT-UC Project Managers, Project Leads, Program Managers
*AV-IT-UC Account Executives, Sales Managers, Regional Managers
*AV-IT-UC Programmers
*AV-IT-UC Lead Technicians, Technical Coordinators
*AV-IT-UC Consultants, Associates, Principles
*Acoustic Consultants, Associates, Principles
*Acoustic Directors

I have an innovative, collaborative, and respectful approach to the AV-IT and Acoustical partnerships that I've formed and in my relationships in life.

Brad Bookbinder
Project Coordinator
Phone: 503-287-8701
I’m an executive recruiter focused on delivering talent solutions. I specialize in uncovering talented candidates that may not be active in the job search process, but are open to making a change when the right opportunity comes along. I work with exceptional individuals as they begin to consider their next great opportunity. Consultative communication with clients and candidates allow be to learn about the individual so I can match their needs with the best opportunity and the best cultural fit.

Our team at MRP are experts in locating and recruiting the most qualified candidates for your most critical positions. We apply creative insight and leverage our considerable experience to identify the essential people to enhance your company’s competitive positioning and performance.